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BV 18650 battery 3500MAH 40A 3.7V

High capacity battery for much longer uses

NZD $18.00

BV 18650 battery 3500MAH 40A 3.7V Battery

NZD $18.00

A higher capacity battery from Battery Vape (BV) for much longer run times between re-charges. 3.7 volts with a higher storage capacity of 3500 mAh with a whopping 40amp Maximum. Each battery has a protection circuit built in.



Model: 18650


Nominal Capacity: 3500mAh


Nominal Voltage: 3.7V


Maximum Voltage: 4.2V


Max Pulse Discharge Current: 40A


Max Continuous Discharge Current: 15A


Dimensios: ~18mm x ~65mm


Weight: ~50g

What Is An IMR 18650 Battery?

The batteries used in almost all vape devices are of 18650 Li-ion type. They are available in varying capacities but all work in the same way in so much that 18650 batteries consist of three parts:

The anode: Most lithium-ion cells use graphite or hard carbon as the negative electrode host material
The electrolyte:  Soluble salts, acids or other bases in liquid, gelled and dry formats
The cathode: The selection of the positive electrode material is much more varied. For our purposes, the IMR battery used in vape devices uses lithium and manganese =  LiMn2O4 (also called LMO)

Many of the high-drain batteries used in vaping have IMR chemistry because manganese is awesome. It allows your battery to discharge at a high current while maintaining low temperatures. This means that it’s safer than other types of battery.

We could talk about electrochemistry and the relative electron energies of the anode, electrolyte, and cathode of a thermodynamically stable redox pair in a Lithium-ion Battery but we won’t, here is the simple version. 

When you push the power switch or inhale on your vape device, you’re giving the green light to chemical reactions inside the battery. As the current starts flowing, the cells inside the battery begin to transform themselves and the chemicals inside their components begin to rearrange themselves. Inside each cell, chemical reactions take place involving the two electrodes and the electrolyte that separates them. This reaction causes electrons (the tiny particles inside atoms that carry electricity) to pump around the circuit the battery is connected to, providing power to your device. The cells in your battery contain only limited supplies of chemicals so the reactions cannot continue indefinitely. Once the chemicals are depleted, the reactions stop and you need to recharge.

“Just like the fuel in a car, the battery in your vape device needs to be high-quality to give the best performance. BV batteries and chargers deliver both safety and performance to make sure you keep on vaping.”

How do I charge a vape?

Internal Battery

If your device has an internal battery, charge it with the charger provided (a USB cable is not a charger, it is just the cable to plug it into a charger). If it doesn’t come with a charger, please ensure you don’t charge it with more than 1 amp and 5 volts. Charging it with more than this can damage or destroy the battery.

Mobile phone battery chargers or even car USB chargers usually provide more power than this and can seriously damage your batteries. Computer USB ports vary in the charge they deliver, make sure you use a port that supplies a safe amount of power for recharging vaping devices. Do not use USB3.0 or 3.1 for charging as they provide more than 1 amp of current, these ports have a blue coloured plastic on the inside.

External battery

If your device uses external batteries, normally 21700 Lithium-ion batteries, it is advised for safety reasons to use an external charger, even if you can charge them with your mod your device will not normally have the same overcharging protection that a high-quality BV external charger has. Each BV battery has a protection circuit built in.

Battery Care

Battery Vape 21700 Li-ion batteries are high-discharge units, they can provide a large amount of current for a short period of time. because of this, you will need to exercise caution in their use and storage. Never put loose 21700 batteries in your bag or pocket because if they short out on your keys or coins they can vent, releasing burning hot flammable gas or liquid. A battery case is a worthwhile investment for your safety.

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