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A high-quality battery can make a difference

How batteries work in vaping

We could talk about electrochemistry and the relative electron energies of the anode, electrolyte, and cathode of a thermodynamically stable redox pair in a Lithium-ion Battery but we won’t, here is the simple version.

When you push the power switch or inhale on your vaping device, you’re giving the green light to chemical reactions inside the battery. As the current starts flowing, the cells inside the battery begin to transform themselves and the chemicals inside their components begin to rearrange themselves. Inside each cell, chemical reactions take place involving the two electrodes and the electrolyte that separates them. This reaction causes electrons (the tiny particles inside atoms that carry electricity) to pump around the circuit the battery is connected to, providing power to your device. The cells in your battery contain only limited supplies of chemicals so the reactions cannot continue indefinitely. Once the chemicals are depleted, the reactions stop and you need to recharge.

Protected vs Unprotected

A protected rechargeable battery contains a small circuit board that stops the discharging and charging of the battery in some troublesome circumstances, which are over-charging, over-discharging, overheating, short-circuit. Using a protected battery will minimise the risk of ruining the battery, causing it to catch fire or explode.

An unprotected rechargeable battery in contrast does not have any built-in protection component. When fully charged, it can produce up to 4.2 volts then quickly drop down to 3.6 volts output until discharged. If the battery is charged to over its rated maximum voltage (over-charging) or discharged to under its rated minimum voltage (over-discharging), it will be ruined and can cause fire or explosive in worst case. For the unprotected battery, it is important to use the suitable charger that either charge to the exact rated maximum voltage of the battery or contains built-in protection circuit to prevent overcharging the battery.

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ICR battery and IMR battery

There are different batteries with different capacities, but all work in the same way in so much that all of them consist of three parts:
The anode: Most lithium-ion cells use graphite or hard carbon as the negative electrode host material

The electrolyte: Soluble salts, acids or other bases in liquid, gelled and dry formats
The cathode: There are different chemical formulas that can be used as positive electrode material for the cathode. Each formula has its own pros and cons on capacity, wear-out time, and safety. The most common batteries for vaping devices use two formulas: ICR (Lithium cobalt oxide) and IMR (Lithium manganese oxide).

An ICR battery, while has the highest energy output, is the most dangerous li-on battery. Its chemical formula is highly reactive and flammable, which can cause explosion if it is charged or discharged incorrectly. To remedy this problem, a high-quality ICR battery usually contain a built-in protection circuit board. Premium box mods also have protection circuit inside that is designed for using this battery type.

Quite dangerous to play with the battery. Right? Not to worry! There is another battery type that is much safer to use. Many of the high-drain batteries used in vaping contain IMR formula that uses manganese material because manganese is awesome! It allows your battery to discharge at a high current while maintaining low temperatures. This means that it’s safer than other types of battery. Although the risk of causing an IMR battery to explode is very low, charging or discharging it incorrectly can ruin the battery. That is why it is still important for IMR batteries to include a protection component to prevent over-charging and over-discharging.

Safety and Quality are our focus

Battery Vape understands that customer safety is of paramount importance. We only use the IMR formula for our batteries. Each design of Battery Vape battery has been tested through multiple industrial-grade standards to make sure that it can achieve the maximum energy capacity potential without overheating. Every Battery Vape battery also includes a protection case to avoid chemical with other metal when it is not in use.

We also include protection circuit boards in all of our selections for the customer peace-of-mind. Even if it is charged or discharged by incorrect chargers or unsuitable vaping devices, your Battery Vape battery will not be ruined. Remember that a high-quality battery like BV 18650 BATTERY 2600MAH 40A 3.7V not only meets all the safety standards but also maintains your vape devices durability. Providing a better vaping experience.

18650 Battery

18650 batteries are the most popular batteries for vaping devices. They are widely available and have been extensively tested in many industries. Thanks to their high reliability, most of the vape mods on the market are compatible with 18650 batteries.

However, the popularity of this battery type has allowed many unqualified companies to exploit, providing counterfeits and low-quality batteries. That is why you should always buy batteries from reputable suppliers.

Our newest 18650 battery

Other battery sizes

While 18650 batteries are the most common ones, their energy capacity is limited due to the small-size design. 20700 batteries are designed to solve this problem. With the increase of cell dimensions, they can achieve higher capacity with the same per-cell cost. Thus, giving you longer vaping time with just a very small price increase when compared with traditional 18650 batteries. BV 20700 BATTERY 3200MAH 40A 3.7V is a good example. However, 20700 batteries have a larger size than 18650 batteries. Some vaping devices that focus on the small-size factor may not be compatible with them.

21700 is the newest model of li-ion battery cell. Introduced by Tesla Inc and Panasonic, 21700 battery has a promising feature of containing the highest energy density up-to-date. Thus, reducing the weight-per-energy and price-per-energy ratio to be lower than the common 18650 battery. 21700 battery has the largest size of the three battery types, making it only suitable for limited selection of box mods. If you focus on the small-size factor, 18650 battery is still the better option.

Since the introduction of these new battery designs, Battery Vape has been experimenting them with many popular box mods on the market to create better batteries with affordable price. BV IMR 21700 4000MAH 40A BATTERY currently has the biggest energy capacity in our selection, giving you the longest and the best vaping experience.

18650 Battery

  • Size: 18mm x 65mm

  • Compatible with all vape kit/mod that uses external batteries

  • Available in: 1500 – 3600mAh

20700 Battery

  • Size: 20mm x 70mm

  • Compatible with some vape kit/mod that uses external batteries

  • Available in: 3000 – 4000mAh

21700 Battery

  • Size: 21mm x 70mm

  • Compatible with limited vape kit/mod that uses external batteries

  • Available in: 4200 – 4800mAh

What chargers are suitable for vape batteries?

With a rechargeable battery, you can make the chemical reactions run in reverse using a battery charger. Charging your battery is the exact opposite of discharging it: where discharging gives out energy, charging takes energy in and stores it by resetting the battery chemicals to how they were before you used the energy inside. You can do this many times but there eventually comes a point where the cells are no longer able to store charge. At that point, you have to recycle them or throw them away. Chargers often receive low priority but that should most definitely not be the case.

A good quality charger such as BV PRO C2 MOD CHARGER will minimise the battery degradation and ensure your safety.

Why choose Battery Vape?

Battery Vape is an NZ owned company with the main focus on quality and affordability. The batteries we supply are of the very high standard. They are manufactured and tested to the strictest possible safety standards.
In order to make sure that customers can enjoy the premium quality, all of our products are only available through authorised retailers with affordable pricing. If the product carries the Battery Vape brand, you are guaranteed to have a 100% authentic and truly unique product.